About IAS

Based on the hashtags you provide, IAS targets users who also use those tags from your account. IAS “loads one in the chamber” so to speak each time it’s going to perform an action. An action can be either liking or commenting on a piece of media (photo/video) or following someone who’s recently posted using one of those hashtags. In the case of following a user, their name is added to a list and unfollowed 5 hours later.

By performing these actions you’re gaining the attention of users who have similar interests in the hopes that when they look at your page they find themselves interested in your posts and decide to follow you, increasing your base followers day over day.

Doing this tends to have a snowball effect. As your follower base grows users see that you already have “social acceptance” and feel more inclined to follow you, assuming there’s a high probability of good content that’s follow-worthy.

Another huge side effect aside from followers is engagement. You’ll notice that your posts will get a lot more likes and comments from people regardless of whether they decide to follow you or not.

Automating your Instagram account not only builds your following and increases your influence but you also save time and energy while gaining attention to your account/product/brand and heightening your conversion rate.

Increased Sales

Get more interested eyes on your product resulting in more sales

Growing Follower Base

A larger following can add to increased user trust and more social influence

Less Time/Attention

Waste less time with social outreach so you can focus on growing your brand/business



Anything But Basic :)
  • everything listed in how it works



Take it to the Next Level
  • everything listed in how it works
  • hands on agent overseeing account growth
  • single server account not shared with others
  • up to 30% more daily actions & growth

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